Of Dravid And Lows

Quite recently, I had been down with a bout of self proclaimed depression. Or maybe what you call a series of lows. Whatever.

So basically, there I was writhing on the floor and moaning in voices audible only to bats probably that I was done with this shit. This shit referring to the age old study slash career dilemma, which let us not delve into deeply. The mid life crisis of everyone’s twenties. If that makes sense. I still am done, I guess. The writhing and screaming is toned down a bit. Now it’s just in my head.

Antha kaalam, during a period of remission from ze shizz (the whole writhing phase), to cheer myself up, I dragged myself to the nearest bookstore. Like they say, the answer to every damn question has already been written, and there I found the antidote to all my recent problems.

The Nice Guy Who Finished First. It’s Rahul Dravid’s biography. Ironically, Rahul Dravid had a huge hand in me being in this shizz. Little kids in adult bodies, that is what most of us still are. The only reason I agreed to shift to another city for college was because it was in Bangalore. And Bangalore, matlab Rahul Dravid, right? (Then RCB ditched him. Eyes rolling out of my head.)

I have never been big on biographies. Like seriously, why would I want to read about what some dude did at every point every single day of his life! But, this book was slightly different. It was mainly stats and stuff. Of course, but with headfakes. It was just waiting there to be figured out or mused upon.

There had been a phase in Rahul Dravid’s career where he was chucked out of the ODI squad being labelled as a test batsman. He must have been terribly depressed. But, being the gentleman he is, I guess there was no moaning and writhing phase. What did he do? He trained so damn hard that he found himself a place in the ODI squad. Yep, he was more defensive and cautious with his shots, but in him India found a steady batsman.

I am not Sachin or Sehwag, this is the way I score runs, The Man says.

This world has become a messy place. You are constantly pitted against each other. The amount of competition and performance pressure is unbelievable. There is no wonder why people crack.

You just need to accept that you are not going to be like every other person. Everyone is different. There is no point in comparing yourself with another goddamned person. You are what you are. The only thing you should do is to strive to better than what you were yesterday.

Dravid wouldn’t have been Dravid, if he didn’t ‘Dravid’, he would have been another wannabe Sachin or something along those lines.

So, the point is, perseverance pays. Whatever shizz you are in, embrace it.


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